Love Hope Strength UK – UK Cancer charity co-founded by Mike Peters & James Chippendale

Love Hope Strength USA – US Cancer charity co-founded by Mike Peters & James Chippendale

Auden Guitars – Acoustic & Electric guitars as played by Mike Peters

Pearl Drums – Drums and percussion instruments as used by both Smiley and Mike Peters

Roland – Electronic Instruments, Keyboards & Effects pedals as used by Mike Peters & Mark Taylor

Sunshine Corner Studios  – Click here to make a booking at Smiley’s recording studio)

Vic Firth – Drum sticks as used by Smiley

Zildjan Cymbals – Cymbals as used by Smiley

Protection Racket Drum Cases – As used by Smiley

Archive – Featuring Smiley

The Mission – Featuring Craig Adams

Holy Holy – Featuring James Stevenson & Tony Visconti

Gene Loves Jezebel – Featuring James Stevenson

Chelsea – Featuring James Stevenson

Small Town Glory – Featuring Eddie Macdonald

Dave Sharp Website – Live dates and news

Alarm Twitter