Strength 30th Anniversary Edition

The 2015 Edition of ‘Strength’ guarantees Mike Peters and Alarm fans a brand new listening experience that builds on the foundation of the original. All

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More Discography


Mike Peters has recorded a special 11 track ‘Strength 2015′ companion disc of b-sides, unrecorded and non-album songs entitled ‘Majority’  which collates a host of tracks from

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The Scriptures

The Scriptures The Scriptures Breaks World Record. It has been officially confirmed that The Scriptures has been accepted by Guinness as the World’s Longest Officially Released Song.The Scriptures is credited to ‘Love Hope Strength’ ...

Mike Peters In Concert 2014

Mike Peters In Concert 2014 Mike Peters In Concert 2014 - An American Perspective. Recorded during the Declaration 2014 World Tour at the legendary McCabes Guitar Shop in Santa Monica, California, USA. ...

Declaration [30th Anniversary]

The Alarm - Declaration 2014 is a 30th Anniversary revisionary version of The Alarm's classic 'Declaration. This version was also released on limited edition Red Vinyl with the 1984 track listing. This ...

Peace Train

Released as a companion piece to the Declaration 2014 album release, Peace Train takes its cue from the 'words without music' that were included on the original Declaration sleeve art. ...

‘Sixty Eight Guns’ 30th Anniversary 6″

Recorded by lead singer, Mike Peters at The Third Man Record Store in Nashville (with original 'Sixty Eight Guns' producer Alan Shacklock on hand to supervise), each single features a ...

Abide With Us Live Gathering 2013

The Alarm Live at the Gathering 2013 is an essential double CD listen for all fans of Mike Peters and The Alarm. An amazing set list which features a high octane ...

Vinyl Official Soundtrack Album

The Alarm - Vinyl Soundtrack album is a collectors edition digipak, complete with full-length 22 track audio CD and a special DVD that features a Mike Peters-hosted documentary, following The ...

In The Poppy Fields Collected Works

The Alarm In The Poppy Fields Collected Works [10th Anniversary Edition] In The Poppy Fields Collected Works brings together every single recording of Mike Peters and The Alarm's modern masterpiece into one ...

30th Anniversary Acoustic Alarm CD

Where you there? This compilation double CD set brings together the concert highlights and best performances 2011's marathon tour across the UK, from Manchester in the North to Cardiff in ...

The Sound And The Fury – The Alarm (2011)

30th ANNIVERSARY ALBUM / FILM EDITION The Sound And The Fury is the brand new album and film from Mike Peters & The Alarm. The album (and accompanying film), is centered around ...
Direct Acoustic - Live in Glasgow

Live In Glasgow : Mike Peters (2010)

Mike Peters live in concert: King Tuts Wah Wah Hut, glasgow One guitar / One voice. An incredible night. Featuring the massed voices of the legendary glasgow audience CD 1 ROCKING IN THE FREE WORLD WALK FOREVER ...

Rise – Deluxe Edition : Mike Peters (2010)

Direct Action

Direct Action : The Alarm (2010)

Description Tracks 1. Direct Action 3:17 2. Release The Pressure 3:12 3. Plastic Carrier Bags 3:38 4. Loaded 2:48 5. Control 3:42 6. One Guitar 5:10 7. Change III 3:46 8. Milk And Opportunity 2:26 9. Come Alive 2:45 10. Badge ...

21: The Alarm (2009)

Tracks All Seeing - Brand new recording 45 RPM - 2009 remix Trafficking - Brand new recording superchannel - 2009 remix Three Sevens Clash - Previously unreleased US radio version Close - 2009 remix Situation Under Control Without ...
Feel Free Deluxe

Feel Free – Deluxe Edition (2009)

Two CD Set (38 Tracks) plus DVD (Tour films, TV appearances & Fort Apache recording sessions). DISC 1 [alternate 'lost' version with unreleased tracks and mixes] FEEL FREE THE MESSAGE REGENERATION SHINE ON[ACOUSTIC] WONDERWALL GONE ELVIS I WANT YOU WHAT ...
BBC Sessions

BBC Radio Sessions 1983-1991 : The Alarm (2008)

Description: BBC Radio Sessions 1983-1991 is something of a Holy Grail for Alarm fans and is released as a 2 X CD Set featuring over 36 previously unreleased recordings by the ...
Breathe Deluxe

Breathe – Deluxe Edition : Mike Peters (2008)

Description: Mike Peters - Breathe [Remastered and Expanded Edition] is Mike Peters debut solo album from 1994 reissued as a three disc remastered and expanded edition. Disc 1 - Breathe is the ...

Guerrilla Tactics : The Alarm (2008)

Description: Guerilla Tactics' is available as a Double CD / DVD with a gatefold sleeve and features a 9 song 'Guerilla Television' DVD as part of the format. 'Guerilla Tactics' CD/DVD ...
Counter Attack

Counter Attack : The Alarm (2008)

Description: The final suite of songs to complete the Counter Attack Collective. 01: Counter Attack 02: Riot Squad 03: Loaded 04: Right Now 05: Not Gonna Take It Anymore 06: Hit ...
1983/84 Revisited

1983/84 Revisited : The Alarm (2007)

Description: CD of the Counter Attack Collective. Reveille 1983/84 War Song Badge of Honour For the Faithful Tracks Notes:

‘Spirit Of ’86 DVD/CD’ The Alarm (DVD/CD) 2007

Description:DVD of April 4, 1986 UCLA gig plus rematered audio CD.TracksNotes:
Call to Action

Call To Action : The Alarm (2007)

Description: CD #5 of the Counter Attack Collective. 01 Call To Action 02 The Infomercial 03 Higher Call 04 Rat Trap 05 Into The Light 06 The Dub Police01 Call To Action 02 The Infomercial 03 ...

The Collection : The Alarm (2007)

Description: 1. Marching On 2. For Freedom - The Alarm, MacDonald 3. Sixty Eight Guns 4. Where Were You Hiding When the Storm Broke? 5. The Deceiver 6. Blaze of Glory - The Alarm, Sharp, Dave 7. ...
Situation Under Control

Situation Under Control : The Alarm (2007)

Description: CD #4 of the Counter Attack Collective. 01 The Checkout 02 Situation Under Control 03 Change III 04 Milk And Opportunity 05 Plastic Carrier Bags 06 Economic Pressure
This Is Not A Test

This Is Not A Test : The Alarm (2007)

Description: CD #3 of the Counter Attack Collective. 01 This Is Not A Test 02 The Alarm Calling 03 Come On 04 Watching me watching You Watching Them Watching Us 05 State Of Emergency 06 ...

Fightback : The Alarm (2007)

Description: CD #2 of the Counter Attack Collective. 01 The Fall Out 02 Fightback 03 What About The Man On The Street 04 War Cry 05 Love Is My Enemy 06 Life Support System Tracks Notes:
punk rock medley

Punk Rock Medley [Live] Bonus CD : The Alarm (2007)

three sevens clash

Three Sevens Clash: The Alarm (2007)

Description: CD #1 of the Counter Attack Collective. 01 The Opening 02 Three Sevens Clash 03 Kill To Get What You Want Die For What You Believe In 04 Fill In The Blanks 05 Zeros And ...

Graveyard Smashes : Dead Men Walking (2007)

GRAVEYARD SMASHES VOLUME 1 is the latest release from the legendary DEAD MEN WALKING. For the first time ever, you can hear all the classic songs associated with this amazing rock ...

Mike Peters: On The Road To Recovery : Mike Peters (DVD) 2006

Description: As shown on the BBC, 'MIKE PETERS [ON THE ROAD TO RECOVERY] is an intimate portrait of the Peters Family as they face the realities of cancer and infertility. Fully expanded ...

The Gathering MMVI Electric : The Alarm (2006) DVD

Description: The Gathering Electric MMVI DVD features Mike Peters and the Alarm MMVI in full electric concert mode. This incredible new widescreen film captures The Alarm MMVI at The Gathering firing the ...

The Gathering MMVI Acoustic : Mike Peters (DVD) 2006

Description: The Gathering Acoustic MMVI DVD is a complete 90 minute multi angle film of Mike Peters' heroic solo acoustic performance at The Gathering 2006. Taking to the stage for the ...
saturday gigs

The Saturday Gigs: The Alarm (2006)

Mike Peters & Alarm MMVI CD features 18 live songs capturing all the drama & excitement of The Alarm's 'Under Attack' tour 2006. 01 INTRO 02 SUPERCHANNEL 03 ABSOLUTE REALITY 04 WITHOUT A FIGHT 05 ...

The Alarm: DVD, ‘Rock And Roll Circus’ cat #:21st Century, country: UK

Description:DVD The Alarm MMIV - Rock And Roll Circus - Live at The Marquee ClubTracksNotes:

The Alarm: CD Single, ‘Raindown promo CD’ cat #:Liberty, country: UK

Description:promotiomal CD for Raindown singleTracksRaindown (edit)Notes:
Under Attack

Under Attack [CD + DVD] : The Alarm (2006)

Description: includes DVD with 13 videos, one for each track Tracks: 1. Superchannel 2. Without A Fight 3. My Town 4. Raindown 5. It's Alright/It's OK 6. Be Still 7. This Is Life (Get Used To It) 8. Cease And ...

The Alarm: 7″, ‘Superchannel’ cat #:EMI/Liberty 3532937, country: UK

Gathering DVD Collection : The Alarm (DVD) 2004

Description: 6 DVDs chronicling G1-G12, plus dedication DVD Tracks 21st Century Films Presents: The Gathering DVD Collection An 8 DVD box set plus a personalised visual dedication by Mike Peters! Four years ago in the year ...

Live In The Poppyfields : The Alarm (CD/DVD) 2004

Description The Alarm MMIV DVD - Live in the Poppy Fields Recorded live La Scala, London St. David's Day, March 1st 2004 Out now This fantastic CD and DVD set is out now and available in ...

The Alarm: 7″, ‘New Home New Life’ cat #:Snapper SMAS7063, country: UK

In The Poppy Fields

In The Poppyfields : The Alarm (2004)

Track Listing 1. Coming Home 2. Close 3. 45 Rpm 4. The Drunk And The Disorderly 5. Federal Motor Voter 6. Trafficking 7. New Home New Life 8. The Rock N Roll 9. The Unexplained 10. Right Back Where I ...

The Alarm: 7″, ’45 RPM’ cat #:Snapper SMAS7056, country: UK

In The Poppy Fields Bond #5

In The Poppyfields Bond #5 : The Alarm (2004)

cOMING hOME Tracks Coming Home The Innocent Party Safe Houses True Life You'e Only Young And Innocent Once Few And Far Between Free Inside Kaleidascope Festival Of Light In The Poppy Fields

Dead Men Walking: CD, ‘Dead Men Walking Live’ cat #:??, country: UK

Description:Recorded Live at Leeds, July 2003::TracksNotes:
In The Poppy Fields Bond #3

In The Poppyfields Bond #3 : The Alarm (2003)

tRAFFICKING Tracks Trafficking Federal Motor Voter Resurrection The Search For The Real Life When Everything Was Perfect The Drunk And The Disorderly Be Still It Happens Terms And Conditions Peace Agreement
In The Poppy Fields Bond #4

In The Poppyfields Bond #4 : The Alarm (2003)

eDWARD hENRY sTREET Description: 14 Tracks that tell the early story of The Alarm Tracks 1959 The Crescent Edward Henry Street The Sea Where Are We Going Waiting For The Summer Land Of Hope And Glory Bank Holiday Weekend Mercenary Skank Up Downtown In ...

The Story Of The Alarm : The Alarm (DVD) 2002

Description: Double DVD as told by Mike Peters at Rhyl Town Hall during the legendary 20th anniversary concert. Over 3 hours of footage including all the major songs and a host of photos ...
Hammersmith Palais 1984

Hammersmith Palais 1984 : The Alarm (2002)

ALARM RECORD COLLECTORS CLUB II The Alarm live at Hammersmith Palais 1984

Coloursound : Coloursound (2002)

Description: US version of Coloursound's first album. Includes live versions of Strength & She Sells Sanctuary + PC/Mac enhanced section with "Fade In Fade Out Fade Away" video live from ...
In The Poppy Fields Bond #2

In The Poppyfields Bond #2 : The Alarm (2002)

tHE nORMAL rULES dO nOT aPPLY Tracks The Normal Rules Do Not Apply New Home New Life Rain Down When You Can't Have What Everybody Else Has How Long And How Much Longer? 45 RPM Everafter I Never Left ...
In The Poppy Field Bond #1

In The Poppyfields Bond #1 : The Alarm (2002)

cLOSE Tracks Close Alone Together In The Beauty Of My Surroundings Right Back Where I Started From The Rock And Roll Contenders All Seeing The Life You Seek Does Not Exist With Friends Like You Swan Song

Seventeen: CD, ‘A Flashing Blur Of Stripped Down Excitement’ cat #:Vinyl Japan, country: UK

Description:Release of 12 Seventeen Songs.TracksTalking About The Weekend (1979 WSRS Demo)Stop Thinking About Yourself (1979 WSRS Demo)I Can't Control Myself (1979 WSRS Demo)Street Of 1000 Faces (1979 WSRS Demo)Hear Me ...

Greatest,Hits Live : The Alarm (DVD) 2002

Description: Alarm MMx live DVD Tracks Notes:
millennium gathering

Millennium Gathering

The triple live CD edition featured 50 songs recorded live at The Gathering 2000, held at Llandudno Conference Centre, North Wales on the 14th and 15th of January 2000. The CD ...

Children Of The Revolution: CD, ‘Children Of The Revolution IV’ cat #:??, country: UK

Description:Mike Peters, Craig Adams, Steve Grantly, James Stevenson are "Alain Insane", "Rufus Stone", "Heath Rowe", and "Vince St. Claire", the greatest glam band ever.TracksAll Around The World It's Christmas ...
The Alarm Complete Collection

Complete Collection : The Alarm (2000)

Description: All the "original" Alarm albums, singles and b-sides plus every official recording The Alarm ever released during the 1980's. 150+ Tracks - Remastered on CD for the very first time ...
Flesh & Blood

Flesh And Blood : Mike Peters (2000)

Flesh and Blood Soundstrack album Tracks House Of Commons Life Can Be Beautiful [Sometimes] Flesh & Blood Steve's Theme Staring Into Thin Air If I Ruled The World Those Were The Days [Bastard Days] Lucky Numbers Semi-Circles [She's Got] Two ...

Coloursound UK version : Coloursound (1999)

Mike Peters Live

Mike Peters Live : Mike Peters (1998)

Description Recorded July 17, 1998 at Dolgellau, Wales Tracks

“Rise” : Mike Peters (album) 1998

Description 1998 solo album by the former leader of The Alarm. Contains 11 original tracks, including 'In Circles', which was co-written with The Cult's guitarist Billy Duffy, whom also guests ...

“Coloursound” : Coloursound (ep) 1998

Description: 4 Track E.P. of demos released as a limited edition of 1000 numbered copies. Tracks Under The Sun (demo) Alive (demo) Heavy Rain (demo) Fade In Fade (demo) Versions Coloursound: CD, '4-track E.P.' cat #:21CS001, country: UK

Abbey Road Sessions : Mike Peters And The Poets Of Justice (1997)

Description 15 tracks from 1992 sessions Recorded live in the company of a specially selected audience at London's famous Abbey Road Studios. A unique collection of 15 of the Alarm frontman's solo ...
Acoustic Works - Blue

Blue – Acoustic Work 1987-1991 : Mike Peters (1997)

Desciption Second part of the Acoustic Works set again sees Mike Peters with acoustic guitar and harmonica this time concentrating on the later works of The Alarm and reworking some of ...
Red - Acoustic Works

Red – Acoustic Works 1981-1986 : Mike Peters (1997)

Description 23 Alarm classics. Recorded by frontman Mike Peters using the basic instrumentation of voice, acoustic guitar and harmonica. Featuring, 'Unsafe Building', 'The Stand', 'For Freedom' & 'Sixty Eight Guns' dated ...

“Shine On” : Mike Peters (single) 1996

Versions Mike Peters: 12 ", '"Shine On" (Remix)' cat #:???, country: UK White Label single with "Shine On" Remix Mike Peters: CD Single, 'Shine On' cat #:Select PRCD-60, country: USA Promotional +"Instrumental Version" Mike Peters: ...

“Regeneration” : Mike Peters (single) 1996

Versions Mike Peters: CD Single, 'Regeneration' cat #:TRAP 1030, country: UK Promotional - one track

Feel Free : Mike Peters (1996)

Description UK version releases in August 1996, followed by USA version October 15th, 1996.  USA version added Gone Elvis 1. Shine on (113th Dream) 2. The Message 3. Feel Free 4. All Is Forgiven 5. ...

Second Generation : Mike Peters (1995)

Description: 10 Rare Alarm Tracks re-recorded Tracks Second Generation Majority Elders And Folklore Pavilion Steps What Kind Of Hell Rose Beyond The Wall Unbreak The Promise Reason 41 Up For Murder The Peace Train (Chant Has Just Begun),

Breathe – The Acoustic Sessions : Mike Peters (1995)

Tracks Poetic Justice Beautiful Thing Who's Gonna Make The Peace? Spiritual Breathe Into The 21st Century This Is War Levis And Bibles Love Is A Revolution Train A Comin'

Aer : Mike Peters (1994)

Description: Welsh Version of "Breathe" 13 tracks Tracks Crynu Dan Fy Nhraed Chwyldro Yw Cariad Os Na Ga'I Ti Aer Ti Yw Y Cyfan Pwy Fydd Eisie Heddwch? Ysbrydol Dim Gwell Na Hyn Levis A Beiblau Dyma'r Ganrif New'y Tren Nol I Mewn I'r ...

“Breathe” : Mike Peters (album) 1994

Tracks Poetic Justice All I Wanted (Breathe album version) If I Can't Have You Breathe (Breathe Version) Love Is A Revolution Who's Gonna Make The Peace? Spiritual What The World Can't Give Me Levis And Bibles Beautiful Thing (Breathe album ...

Breathe : Mike Peters (1994)

Tracks: Poetic Justice All I Wanted If I Can't Have U Breathe Love is a Revolution Whose Gonna Make the Peace? Spiritual What the World Can't Give me Beautiful Thing Into the 21st Century This is War The Message Back into the System It ...

“It Just Don’t Get Any Better Than This” : Mike Peters (single) 1994

Versions Mike Peters: CD Single, 'It Just Don't Get Any Better Than This' cat #:CRAI 41CD, country: UK Promotional.  +"Devil's World" and "White Noise" Mike Peters: CD Single, 'It Just Don't Get ...

“Back Into The System” : Mike Peters (single) 1994

Versions Mike Peters: CD Single, 'NOL I Mewn I'r System' cat #:CRAI40CDW, country: UK Back Into The System Single, in Welsh : Nol I Mewn I'r System (edit)Y Bennod New'y<br>Ganrif 21 ...

“Blaze Of Glory” : The Alarm (video)

Description: The Alarm's final show from Brixton Academy, 30th June 1991. Tracks Notes: Versions The Alarm: Video, 'Blaze Of Glory' cat #:IRS 8120, country: USA The Alarm: Video, 'Blaze Of Glory' cat #:TVC VC4110, country: ...

Tan : The Alarm (1991)

Description: Welsh version of "Raw"

Raw : The Alarm (1991)

Tracks Raw Rockin' In The Freeworld God Save Somebody Moments In Time Hell Or Highwater Lead Me Through The Darkness Wind Blows Away My Words, The Let The River Run Its Course Save Your Crying Wonderful World

“Raw” : The Alarm (single) 1991

Versions The Alarm: CD Single, 'Raw (edit)' cat #:IRS-DPRO-67056, b/w Raw (album version) The Alarm: 7 ", 'Raw' cat #:IRS ALARM 3, country: UK b/w Sixty Eight Guns (edit) The Alarm: 7 ...

“Standards” : The Alarm (video) 1990

Versions The Alarm: Video, 'Standards' cat #:IRS X5VD-13056, country: USA 14 videos The Alarm: Video, 'Standards' cat #:EYERS IVP1, country: UK 15 videos
The Alarm Standards

Standards : The Alarm (1990)

Tracks The Road Unsafe Building (1990) Stand, The Sixty Eight Guns (Part I) Where Were You Hiding When The Storm Broke? Absolute Reality (Single version) Strength Spirit Of 76 Rain In The Summertime Rescue Me Sold Me Down The River Devolution Working Man ...

“Happy Christmas (War Is Over)” : The Alarm : (single) 1990

Versions The Alarm: CD3, 'Happy Christmas (War Is Over)' cat #:IRS VIDP-21, country: Japan b/w Black Sun The Alarm: CD Single, 'Happy Christmas (War Is Over)' cat #:IRS-DPRO-67040, country: USA Promotional

‘”The Road” : The Alarm (single) 1990

Versions The Alarm: CD Single, 'The Road' cat #:IRS DPRO-67039, country: USA (promotional)no case< The Alarm: Cassette Single, 'Road, The' cat #:IRS 4JM-13809, country: USA b/w Unsafe Building 1981

“Unsafe Building 1990” : The Alarm (single) 1990

Versions The Alarm: 7 ", 'Unsafe Building 1990' cat #:IRS 7PRO-67042, country: USA Finyl Vinyl, b/w non-Alarm track The Alarm: 7 ",  'Unsafe Building 1990' cat #:IRS ALARM2, country: UK b/w Up ...

“Love Don’t Come Easy” : The Alarm : (single) 1990

Versions The Alarm: CD Single, 'Love Don't Come Easy' cat #:IRS-IRSD-017, country: USA b/w Corridors Of Power, Working Class Hero The Alarm: Cassette Single, 'Love Don't Come Easy' cat #:IRS IRSC-73007, country: USA ...

“A New South Wales, A” : The Alarm (single) 1989

Versions The Alarm: 7 ", 'New South Wales, A (edit)' cat #:IRS EIRS 129, country: UK b/w The Rock (edit) The Alarm: 7 ", 'New South Wales, A (edit)' cat #:IRS EIRSB ...

“Hwylio Dros Y Mor” : The Alarm : (single) 1989

Versions UK 'Hwylio Dros Y Mor' cat #:IRS EIRSW 129,  b/w Y Graig

Change : The Alarm (1989)

Tracks: Sold Me Down The River Rock, The Devolution Working Man Blues Love Don't Come Easy Hardland Change II No Frontiers Scarlet Where A Town Once Stood Black Sun Prison Without Prison Bars How The Mighty Fall Rivers To Cross New South Wales, ...

Newid : The Alarm (1989)

Description: Welsh version of Change

“Sold Me Down The River” : The Alarm (single) 1989

Versions The Alarm: 7 ", 'Sold Me Down The River (edit)' cat #:??, country: USAb/w Sold Me Down The River (edit) The Alarm: 12 ", 'Sold Me Down The River' ...

Electric Folklore Live : The Alarm (1988)

Description: 6 Tracks Tracks Rescue Me (Live Boston Wang Centre, 1988) Strength (Live Boston Wang Centre, 1988) Rain In The Summertime (Live Boston Wang Centre, 1988) Spirit Of 76 (Live Boston Wang Centre, 1988) Permanence In Change ...

“Presence Of Love” : The Alarm (single) 1988

Versions The Alarm: 7 ", 'Presence Of Love' cat #:IRS-53259, country: USAb/w My Land Your Land<br><b>Tracks</b><br>Presence Of Love<br>My Land Your Land The Alarm: 7 ", 'Presence Of Love' cat #:IRS-53259, country: ...

Eye Of The Hurricane : The Alarm (1987)

Tracks: Rain In The Summertime Newtown Jericho Hallowed Ground One Step Closer To Home Shelter Rescue Me Permanence In Change Presence Of Love Only Love Can Set Me Free Eye Of The Hurricane Versions The Alarm: LP, 'Eye Of ...

“Rescue Me” : The Alarm (single) 1987

Versions The Alarm: 7 ", 'Rescue Me' cat #:IRS IRM 150, country: UK b/w My Land Your Land The Alarm: 7 ", 'Rescue Me' cat #:IRS IRM BV 150, country: UK b/w My ...

“Rain In The Summer Time” : The Alarm (Single) 1987

Versions The Alarm: 7 ", 'Rain In The Summertime' cat #:IRS IRM 144, country: UK b/w Rose Beyond The Wall<br><b>Tracks</b><br>Rain In The Summertime (single edit)<br>Rose Beyond The Wall<br> The Alarm: 7 ...

“Spirit Of ’86” : The Alarm (video) 1986

Description Live concert from April 12, 1986 UCLA Versions The Alarm: Video, 'Spirit Of '86' cat #:IRS VHS 80414, country: USA 13 tracks Live from 4/12/86 UCLA The Alarm: Video, 'Spirit Of '86' ...

“Knife Edge” : The Alarm (single) 1986

Versions The Alarm: 7 ", 'Knife Edge' cat #:IRS IRM 112, country: UK b/w Caroline Isenberg The Alarm: 7 ", 'Knife Edge' cat #:IRS IRM 112 sg, country: UK b/w Caroline Isenberg ...

“Spirit Of ’76”: The Alarm (single) 1986

Versions The Alarm: 7 ", 'Spirit Of '76 (edit)' cat #:IRS-52792,  b/w Reason 36 The Alarm: 7 ", 'Spirit Of '76 (edit)' cat #:IRS-52792, country: USA b/w Spirit Of '76 (edit) The Alarm: ...

“Strength” : The Alarm (single) 1985

Versions The Alarm: 7 ", 'Strength (edit)' cat #:IRS IRM 104, country: UK >b/w Majority The Alarm: 7 ", 'Strength (edit)' cat #:IRS IRM 104, country: UK b/w Majority (poster sleeve) The Alarm: 12 ...

Strength : The Alarm (1985)

Tracks: Knife Edge (Single / Strength album version) Strength Dawn Chorus Spirit Of 76 Deeside Father To Son Only The Thunder The Day The Ravens Left The Tower (Strength album version) Walk Forever By My Side Description: (without “Absolute Reality) UK LP ...

“Absolute Reality” – The Alarm (single) 1985

Versions -7 ": UK :Absolute Reality (Single version)/Blaze Of Glory (1983 Version) (Single Edit) cat #:IRS ALARM 1 7" : Germany: Absolute Reality (Single version)/Blaze Of Glory (1983 Version) (Single Edit):ILLEGAL ILSA ...

“The Chant Has Just Begun”, The Alarm (single) 1984

Versions - 7" UK : Chant Has Just Begun, The (Single version)/Bells Of Rhymney, The :cat #:IRS 114 - 7" UK (promo) : Chant Has Just Begun, The (Single version)/Bells Of Rhymney, ...

“Deceiver, The” : The Alarm (single) 1984

Versions - 7" USA :  Deceiver, The (edit)Second Generation cat #:IRS IR-9929, country: USA - 7" USA (promo):  Deceiver, The (edit)/Deceiver, The (edit) cat #:IRS IR-9929, country: USA - 7" : UK  :  ...

Declaration : The Alarm (1984)

Tracks: Declaration Marching On Where Were You Hiding When The Storm Broke? Third Light Sixty Eight Guns We Are The Light Shout To The Devil Blaze Of Glory (Declaration album version) Tell Me Deceiver, The The Stand (Prophecy) Howling Wind Versions: UK: LP cat #:IRS ...

“Where Were You Hiding When The Storm Broke?”, The Alarm (single) 1984

Versions: 7" UK: Where Were You Hiding When The Storm Broke?/Pavilion Steps cat #:IRS 101 7" UK: Where Were You Hiding When The Storm Broke?/Pavilion Steps cat #:IRS 101 (promotional stamp) 7" Germany: Where Were ...

‘Sixty Eight Guns’ , The Alarm (single) 1983

Versions: 7" Japan: Sixty Eight Guns (part 1)/Pavilion Steps   cat #:IRS 07SP 811 7" Spain: Sixty Eight guns Part 1/bSixty Eight Guns (Part 2) cat #:ILLEGAL ILSA3881 7" Italy: Sixty Eight guns Part ...

The Alarm EP : (1983)

Description: 5 song EP Tracks: Stand, The Across The Border Marching On (single version) Lie Of The Land For Freedom Versions: USA EP: cat #:IRS SP70504 USA Cassette: cat #:IRS CS70504 Germany Cassette: cat #:IRS CS70504

“The Stand”, The Alarm (single) 1983

Charts Reached #86 on the UK singles chart. Versions: 7" UK: 'The Stand/Third Light(live)',  cat #:IRS PFP 1014, 7": Germany:  The Alarm: 7 ", 'The Stand/Reason41",cat #:ILLEGAL ILSA-3597 7" USA : The Stand/Reason 41(live) cat ...

“Marching On”, The Alarm (single) 1982

UK: The Alarm: 7 ", 'Marching On/Across The Border, Lie /Of The Land' cat #:Illegal ILS0032

“Unsafe Building”, The Alarm (single) 1981

Versions UK: Unsafe building/Up For Murder Cat #: White Cross Notes: 2000 copies printed. Indie single made by the band to get a record contract. The song never appeared on any record until the ...

Alarm Song Covers

- Absolute Reality : Dance To Tippery : Life Goes On : 2003 - Blaze Of Glory : Audio Adreneline : Adios : 2006 - 45 RPM : Chelsea : Faster, Cheaper & ...


- 7" "Seventeen": The Alarm: What Kind Of Hell, Marching On, Across The Border (studio outtakes) bootleg: Dec. 13, 1983 - LP (double): 'Lorelei Rock': 1984 -7" Live In London: The Alarm: ...

Various Artists/Compilations

-SFX Magazine:: Cassette Only Magazine with "Unsafe Building" and an interview with Mike Peters: 1981 -LP: Defiant Pose: The Alarm : Marching On: cat #:ILLEGAL ILP 011, country: UK, Jan 1, ...

“Don’t Let Go”, Seventeen (single) 1980

Versions UK:  7 ", 'Don't Let Go/Bank Holiday Weekend' cat #:Vendetta VD001 Notes:

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