I Find Myself in Reverie

Another Gathering over and I’m sure we all find ourselves in reverie.
Thank you for ‘gathering’ with us… it was a Gathering dream come true.
Big thanks to the Gathering team, without whom it wouldn’t be possible and to Andy and Dr. Ian (pictured) who always go the extra mile to capture the special essence of the Gathering weekend. We are currently organising ‘The Gathering 24’. Come and join us next January 29/30/31 2016.
Friday (Acoustic) – Click Here
Saturday Daytime (Masterclass Mastermind, Januhairy) – Click Here
Saturday (Electric) – Click Here
Sunday (LHS Walkathon & Signing Session) – Click Here
Let the memories unfold…
All the promises, all the dreams we shared
I know those lights still call to you
Love & life,
Jules Jones Peters x
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The Alarm – Bearded Theory

Snowdon Rocks – Mike Peters

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